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  • - Instant cloud Stable Diffusion (18+)
  • - Web app and powerful chat bot
  • - Unlimited renders, inpaint, control net
  • - Upload your photos, edit with AI
  • - Unlimited AI upscale, 4 unique modes
  • - 8TB+ of pre-installed, 4600+ LoRAs
  • - 200GB cloud storage: sync art, prompts
  • - Live prompting groups and discussions
  • - Creator-friendly commercial license
  • - VIP live chat support 24/7

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Stunning results, right away. Over 8TB of content to start from. Unlike other AI software, you'll never have to count "gems" or "credits"; we don't have any of that nonsense. Get our unlimited plan and render all day in high resolution on all models with unlimited AI upscale.

You'll be amazed by your own AI creations, even if you've never made art in your life. Your membership comes with live chat support, detailed guides, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.



Switch seamlessly from any brand phone or PC with no delay, no setup, no storage, no GPU. It's all on our compute cloud. Snap a photo and remix it with 100's of AI models & unique styles made by our community.


Creator friendly license

Yes, you may use your AI creations commercially, as well as share it on social media, books, games, and anything else you create. We stand firmly behind our product: Try it risk-free for a whole week. Take your time, watch our video guides, join our VIP Chats, ask questions. If you're still not absolutely blown away by then, we'll still give you a full refund.

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There are other AI anime art apps, and they're fine. We wanted a better one that works on all phones, with much more freedom to create.
Why creators choose us:
  • - 7-day risk free, guaranteed
  • - No tech setup, web based
  • - Unlimited use, no credits
  • - Top SD15 & SDXL models
  • - Unlimited 4x AI upscaling
  • - Fast on any kind of device
  • - Syncs between phone & pc
  • - 8TB+ preinstalled models
  • - Creator friendly, royalty free
  • - Live chat, fun groups
  • - Your bot, your rules
  • - Our community is incredible



RPG Fantasy


"I couldn't draw stick figures two days ago, and now I'm thinking of publishing my own illustrated novels"
RM, Norway

"I have Stable Diffusion running locally but this is so much easier and versatile, You guys have made some incredible stuff"

"The community is very welcoming"
AB, Brazil

"Honestly I wasn't sure if I could do this, but I was making these incredible pictures right away"

"Why am I so addicted to this?"
SD, Canada

"I'm just a casual but it exceeded my expectations, and the hoodie is really nice. I like to watch people make things to get my own ideas"
AK, Hong Kong

Frequently Asked Questions pro

Q: I'm not a techie or a coder, can I do this?

Everyone can. Just type your idea. Put an idea into your mind, and describe that image as vividly as possible. Anyone can do it. After you get the hang of the Graydient software, inch forward and try one of our guides or join a creation group within to learn by copying them.

a funny anime goat generated with ai using pro, free ai image generator software

Example: Just type "An anime goat using three ipads" and our machine learning finds the best style for what we think you meant and does the rest for you. After you get the hang of it, switch to manual for precision controls. There are 80 powerful commands that you can learn, or just stick to easy mode and enjoy. It's up to you how far down the rabbit hole you want to go.

Q: Can I convert my real photos to anime?

Yes, you can convert an unlimited amount of your photos into anime and avatars, in an endless amount of styles and put yourself in different environments and situations. Of course, the quality of the photos going in affect the results. We'll teach you how to frame and light your images to get the results you want, we have a big guide specifically for this.

Q: Do you have Control Net? Generative Fill?

Yes to both! For the uninitiated, Control Net is a technique to set a pose and then create different styles of photos from it. You can store an unlimited number of poses and presets. We have six popular controlnet modes preinstalled and you can upload your own skeletons, poses, etc. All major features of Stable Diffusion are included like SDXL models, Adetailer, LCM, LPW, Karras mode, Inpaint, Outpaint Img2Img, Instruct Pix2pix, HighRes, Upscale, Guidance, the best Samplers, and more

Q: Is this different than Pirate Diffusion?

We're both owned by the same parent company, Graydient, so you can actually access all of pirate diffusion community recipes and features and their chat bots, and any other Graydient products with your account. The only difference is your default settings, channels, and guides begin as anime-focused at the start. But yes, if you want to render realistic boobs like those pirate boys, this does that, too. It's one big community, people typically join 3-5 chat groups like gaming, funny, etc.

Q: Can other people see my pictures?

Only if you want them to. Your bot is a private creation space away from others. Your web gallery is off by default and optional. There are separate rooms that you can join and leave as you please, where you can share your work. You can also enable a web gallery and send the link to friends. We do recommend taking a peek for inspiration, sharing ideas, and sheer entertainment. We have an incredible community that runs challenges, shares prompts, and discusses AI at large. There are also groups in different languages, and you can start your own.

Q: Why does this app need chat?

Chats are 100% optional and there to provide you with quick support. A lot of people are trying AI for the first time, so part of our service is guiding you through the core concepts of AI image generation, so that you can have a good experience. Sure, there are other social networks for this, but we like having it right in the app. It's more fun this way, try it. Even the pros like to exchange ideas in our groups.

Q: What about adult content? is an 18+ over community, and it's your own private bot, so you can make whatever you want in your private space. If you decide to create a group, that group's rules are decided by you as well. That said, with the exception of a few adult rooms, the largest groups are SFW. There's a lot of people making provocative art in various styles; we'll help you find your people. That's important in life. We do not allow children on the platform.

Q: What kinds of things are forbidden?

We are a product for your entertainment, so we don't try to get in your way much. We're not going to ban you for creating thicc content, but we do draw the line at hate speech, using people's photos without permission, and underage content, graphic violence or other kinds of art created for the purpose of fake news and misinformation. Beyond that, do your thing in your private bot. It's your server, your rules. But please do follow the laws of your country, as we have zero tolerance for illegal activities. Don't sign up to sell naked photos of celebrities on ebay, etc. Be cool.

Q: What tech runs this?

It's a combination of Stable Diffusion, our proprietary machine learning, and hundreds of community models. Stable Diffusion 2.1 is just ONE of the styles we offer. There's a lot more built on top of it, like your personal cloud drive to sync between devices, and a web gallery for you as well.

Our hardware is also legit!  We own RTX A6000s, 4090s, and 3090s on multiple servers as well as redundant backups on remote hosting, each server with 48 CPU cores and 250GB ram.

Q: How long do images take to generate?

When you brew an idea, we send back five different images back. This takes between 24 to 300 seconds, so it's about as fast as a brand new $3000 computer, at a tiny fraction of the price, and zero tech headaches.

Q: Who are the non-AI, meat-and-bones humanoids behind this?

We're the coffee-chugging folks from, which is a popular Stable Diffusion XL hosting service, serving half a million image generation requests a month for ourselves and other clients, including a Pirate-themed AI bot. We founded and built websites like Destructoid, Upcomer, and Classic dot com. This is not our first rodeo, and take great pride and care of our community. We built it with our own money, because we couldn't quite find anything like it.

Q: What's your refund policy?

We're really proud of and stand behind it. Try it risk-free for 7 days and if it's not for you, we're happy to provide a full refund. There's no fine print. We want to give you enough time to watch our video guides, join our VIP Chats, and we'll help you become a pro. Its all included in your plan. It is a large piece of software; lots to see and learn, so take your time. Sign up today and start creating images like these:


a realistic ai images created woman in a cyberpunk wasteland with a pixie haircut LGBT ai image generator comes easy with pro, we support a wide variety of persons for inclusive ai image generation a handsome man created with ai images photo software
a fiery warrior queen in a role playing fantasy character created with ai create cool environments, game assets, and prompts with our ai images generator
create anime characters with free generator ai like pro, a stable diffusion service

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