100+ Full models comparison 

Part 1 – Simple test

Choosing a full model to use in your renders can be tricky, especially when there are hundreds to pick from. Which one is good for architecture? Which one to use for paintings? Which one will make the most beautiful woman with the least prompts? Which one is the simplest to use?

The only way to answer those questions is to try them all out, but with so many available, it would take literal hours to run a single prompt! 

And that’s precisely why I’ve made this guide. Since trying every possible combination is impossible, this comparison will be made of ten different tests.

In order to show the most of each full model’s capabilities, each test will have its own theme, but no model will get preferential treatment. The settings and prompts used in a given test will remain unchanged for every single one of them.

We have over 100 full models and 900 loras – click to see them all.

Test 1 – Simple test

The testing will start with ‘1girl’, since this is one of the most (if not the most) common tags. Just on Danbooru alone, it’s ranked 1st with over 4.5 million pictures using it. This simple test is also a good measure of the model’s default quality and ease of use.

Each picture was genereated by using this prompt:

/render /parser:new /clipskip:1 /guidance:8 /sampler:dpm2m /size:512x512 /steps:75 /images:8 /seed:127412 1girl, [lowres, blurry, worst quality, bad quality, pixelated, (NSFW:1.2), (naked:1.3)] <put your chosen full model here>

Why those settings? 

Click on each for more information.

/parser:new – allows the usage of weighted prompts like (1girl:1.2).

/clipskip:1 – the default one, a good place to start.

/guidance:8 – a number that produces good results in most cases.

/sampler:dpm2m – as long as it’s not the unpredictable k_euler_a, any would do.

/size:512×512 – good size to put all models on an even ground. In further tests it will be easy to notice that some can’t handle rendering in resolutions bigger than this.

/steps:75 – to give all renders an extra bit of polish.

/images:8 – with eight images, it’s easier to see the differences between models and their tendencies. Also, they fit nicely on the site.

/seed:127412 – randomly chosen to ensure all models use the same one.

1girlthe main prompt.

Negative prompts used – this was a hard choice. Of course, each extra prompt influences the results, but hardly anyone doesn’t use at least some negative quality-improving prompts.

[(NSFW:1.2), (naked:1.3)] unfortunately, I had to curtail some models’ NSFW tendencies. Nevertheless, a few especially horny ones managed to render some boobs.

<put your chosen full model here> – replace this part with the name of any of the full models given below for example <reliberate>, or <breakanime>, or <majic5> etc.

100+ full models comparison part 1

Gallery 1 

Contains: reliberate, darkrev, atoz, lyriel16, lyriel, majic, perfectworld4, perfectworld, cyberreal, marvels, realflex, kstyle, duchaiten, edge, proto58-scifi, hasdx, ghibli, wavy, darkvoyage, voxels, sanic, e18, yiffy, illuminati, liberty, comics-babes, icomix, chikmix, photoreal2, realgalaxy